1. How can apply for 1 Year Loans?

To apply with us you must complete an online form we have provided for you. This simple and easy application will take few minutes to be filled in.

2. Who are eligible for loans at 1 Year Loans?

Any Canadian national with a fixed salary not less than C$ 1000 who is an adult and is maintaining an active checking account in some bank is eligible to apply here.

3. Do we charge additional fees?

No application and processing fees will be charged from you. Application form can be downloaded without expending a single penny. Moreover loan application is also processed free.

4. When do I will have to repay my loan?

Here we will allot a repayment tenure based on loan offer chosen and assessing your affordability. Besides you are required here to pay back obtained funds within one year.

5. How much can be obtained?

To dismiss insignificant cash necessities you can expect to borrow loan funds varying from C$ 100 to C$ 1000.

6. Will my personal information remain safe with you?

We assure you that we will take utmost care to protect information shared by loan seekers in the application. Thus he or she is advised here to keep track of terms and conditions related to borrowing here.

7. Can bad creditors apply here?

Your creditworthiness will be determined before processing loans. However for bad credits may be you will be charged with somewhat high fees and interest by the loan providers.

8. What are the loan services available here at 1 Year Loans?

Long term payday loans and 12 month loans low credit check can be availed by the loan seeker.

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